This webpage is a small sample of projects we’ve had the pleasure of working on in the last fifteen years. They range from house renovations to new houses; retail stores and restaurants; an animal clinic; mixed residential/commercial buildings, a public square and open air theatre building, some town planning ‘visioning’ perspective drawings and other residential sketches, and; numerous private gardens.

Renovations are a special breed of animal. Rarely does a reno yield architecture with a capital ‘A’. Instead, due to restrictions imposed from the existing conditions, designs depend on inventive solutions to meet the requirements of a buildings owner.

Such was the case with the Wizinsky residence, in which a small, home business was located in a cramped space under the roof of the original garage. We demolished the existing garage roof and replaced it using the assymettrical type of roof prevalent on the main building, … and because part of that roof was cramped, broke the line of the roof with a special dormer for more headroom.

In the ‘House Renovation’ shown, a small kitchen was brought out into the garden by placing some counter and the kitchen sink in an eight foot wide and twofoot deep bay window. The plan had been to develop a sash window type which would fall into the lower wall and allow the kitchen to open up to the outside in summer, and provide a coffee counter accessible from the outside deck.

As well there will be a few examples of both conceptual projects and work with other architects that I’ve worked with here in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, including a shopping centre and a mixed use residential project.